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Total Body Connection Therapy

A program of Self-Mastery

A comprehensive and holistic ​approach that transcends traditional ​therapeutic boundaries by seamlessly ​incorporating psychology, Cognitive ​Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dynamic ​Psychotherapy (DPT), Neuro-​Linguistic Programming (NLP), ​Hypnotherapy, Nature/Eco Therapy, ​nutrition, and lifestyle ​considerations. This transformative ​therapy recognizes the intricate ​interplay between mental health, ​physical well-being, and lifestyle ​choices. By blending therapeutic ​modalities with a focus on nutrition ​and lifestyle, individuals embark on a ​holistic journey aimed at optimizing ​both mental and physical wellness. ​Integrative Mind Wellness Therapy ​empowers individuals to not only ​address specific mental health ​concerns but also make sustainable ​lifestyle changes, fostering a ​harmonious integration of mind, ​body, and lifestyle for lasting positive ​transformations.


Neuro-Flow Life Design program is a ​innovative and integrative approach to life ​coaching centered around the philosophy of ​total body connection for optimal mental and ​physical achievement. It combines elements of ​psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ​(CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), ​Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ​Hypnotherapy, and Nature therapy. This ​transformative program is designed to guide ​individuals toward a balanced and fulfilling life ​and/or career, by leveraging a holistic ​understanding of the mind, incorporating ​evidence-based psychological principles, and ​harnessing the healing influence of nature. ​Through personalized guidance sessions, ​participants embark on a journey of self-​discovery, cognitive reprogramming, and ​connection with the natural world, fostering ​profound personal/career growth and ​sustainable well-being.

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“Nurture your mind, body, and spirit

for a life in tune with your true essence.”

My interest in neuroscience and psychology propelled my career into a transformative journey, ​which eventually led me to discover well-being through mindful choices and more holistic ​practices.

After graduating with a PsyD in Behavioural Psychology, and working in the area, I stumbled into ​holistic therapies as a career after feeling disillusioned with traditional approaches in Western ​medicine and mental health care. My dissatisfaction with synthetic and overmedicated solutions, ​led me to delve into natural organic (mental) health, exploring nutrition, mindful practices, and the ​healing potential of nature.

Eventually I knew that Holistic Therapies appealed to me and I started on the path to a whole-​person approach. I recognized the connection between mental well-being, physical health, ​personal experiences, our surroundings, and lifestyle choices, affected us greatly, and a unique ​approach to health was required. So I set out to create individual solutions for my patients who are ​individuals themselves.

As I travelled the world I became interested in learning the intricate teachings of Hypnotherapy, ​which offers a unique avenue for exploring the depths of the mind, tapping into the subconscious ​to address underlying issues and promote positive change. When I saw the profound changes in my ​patients through hypnosis, it lit a fire within me, showing me that this was groundbreaking.

Leading me to further training in Nature/Eco Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), ​Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and including them all in ​my work. Beyond my training and experience in a plethora of therapies, I’m also a Certified Life ​Coach, or I prefer the term ‘Guide’ (PCELC), and have education, and experience in Nutrition. ​Enabling me to fulfil my dream of creating a Total Body health Experience for my clients.

It not just about fixing symptoms; it’s about understanding the interconnectedness of mind, body, ​and lifestyle.

The positive impact these practices have on my own clients mental/physical health is very ​humbling. Shine Therapy’s unique approach to a Total Body Connection leaves only one question, ​“Is it your time to Shine?”

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Available for Retreats & Wellness Events

Contact directly to discuss rates and details

Hypnotherapy and Nature Therapy Groups

are the most popular therapies at Retreats.

Wellness Events tend to request

Hypnotherapy group sessions

and 1-on-1 talk therapy sessions.

However, like my Therapies,

events can be highly customizable.

So I’m happy to organize accordingly.

I am also a certified life coach, which is rare. It is tough

to find a psychologist who is also a life coach, who also has

training and experience in holistic therapies. I want to

offer people the whole solution to finding their wealth in health.

~ Total Body Connection ~

My therapy is unique, as I work according to the beautiful,

terrestrial, individual(s) in front of me.

WhatsApp: (1) 604 245 3625

Email: ShineTherapy@proton.me

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Message / WhatsApp: (1) 604 245 3625

Email: ShineTherapy@proton.me